impact alliance manifesto


The world is shifting. Our creative process needs to shift with it.

People are realizing that our society and the systems behind it need an upgrade.

We're realizing that building careers, creating businesses, and delivering services for the interest of money just won't cut it.

Business people, activists, career-builders, and politicians are realizing the value to be created and the joy to be unlocked when we build products, businesses, and systems to serve the collective.

Our global society has come a long way in the past few thousand years. We've developed extremely advanced technology, bettered living conditions for millions of people, and are now more connected than ever with an almost infinite repository of information.

But this advancement has come at a cost. The way this world has been built has served the self-interest of individuals over the interests and needs of the collective and planet. Wealth and power has accumulated to a very small group of people, and the very technologies we've developed are also destroying our habitat.

Social/impact-driven entrepreneurship has emerged into the mainstream, as visionaries look to use the free markets as a tool to create more value for the collective. It's a great step in the right direction. But it's not a certain solution.

More than ever, we see two major issues to address:

  1. Impact-driven entrepreneurs often work on the same problems side-by-side, but without leveraging combined efforts to result in far greater impact.
  2. They feel lonely, uncertain, unsupported. They feel like nobody understands them, like there aren't any resources built for their unique journey of creating a better world in addition to financial sustainability.

An Alliance for Builders of a Better World

At the Impact Alliance, we've spent years serving impact-driven entrepreneurs and their recurring needs, on an unscalable 1-to-1 basis.

Now, we want to give them the tools, network, and mindset to do it themselves when we can’t be there to help them.

Social entrepreneurs deserve access to these, and require them in order to more effectively take humankind to the next stage of its evolution, where we:

live in harmony with ourselves and each other,
regenerate our natural resources instead of depleting and polluting them, and
empower people to seek potent knowledge, explore their curiosity, and leverage their unique strengths.

Our approach is built on top of a few philosophical pillars that we've seen lead to success in social innovation:

Pillar #1: Start With Self

At the Impact Alliance, we recognize a simple but powerful truth: you can’t heal the world until you heal yourself.

We recognize that living a life in service of the collective can result in losing sight of your own needs in your service, creating stress, burnout, and preventing you from creating a better world.

We’re making meditation, powerful knowledge about health and nutrition, and personal productivity accessible to all of our members, so they can fill themselves up and make their service sustainable over the long term.

Pillar #2: Systemic Innovation

Most of the societal problems that we face are systemic: it’s difficult to pin them on any individual or group. The roots of these problems are vast, and touch many stakeholders, organizations, and other actors.

For a solution, organization, or project to have real impact, it must be designed consciously with the existing systems. Impact Entrepreneurs must go beyond designing features for a specific customer. We must design around multiple perspectives—some of which may conflict!

For example, if you’re trying to design a clean energy solution, you can’t just think about the perspective of energy users. You should think about:

the existing energy producers,
the design of the grid, and
the role of policy makers.

Striving to fully understand the system that you're innovating in gives you multiple opportunities to find valuable insights on which world-changing organizations can be built—and build better solutions for all.

The Impact Alliance contains tools, experts, and entrepreneurs that are building with a systemic perspective in order to build high-leverage solutions that work for everyone in a system.

Pillar #3: Radical Collaboration

Our current systems were built in silos, in a hierarchical fashion—this makes them ripe for disruption.

When we leverage each other's experiences, knowledge, motivation, and unique perspectives, we build richer solutions that touch more people. We believe others working in the same space as you are collaborators, not competitors. Our business environment is shifting from one of competition over limited resources and “market dominance” to one of collaboration and distribution of ownership. This creates better experiences and, counterintuitively, an abundance of resources for all.

With the Impact Alliance, we're bringing together experts and entrepreneurs around shared passions so they can leverage each others skills, network, and domain-specific knowledge to create more impactful, long-lasting, and collaborative projects.

Pillar #4: Building WITH and FOR the builders, risk takers, and innovators

We believe becoming an impact-driven entrepreneur is one of the most radical things you can do to create our new society. You're putting everything on the line, investing your energy into creating a future that hasn't shown itself yet.

This takes guts. It also takes the support of a community and knowledge resources that will fill in the gaps.

We want to accelerate the journey of learning and connect you to a community of like-minded builders who celebrate your wins and support you in multiple ways when things don't go your way.

When the entrepreneurs win, everyone wins.

When entrepreneurs create real benefit in a way that is profitable or financially sustainable, everyone wins. Communities get reliable services and organizations. Investors get profits. The world gets better.

Become a founding member

Does this vision of a new society resonate with you? Are you trying to master the principles laid out above? We'd love to have you join the Impact Alliance.

You'll get access to in-depth learning resources that target every aspect of impact-entrepreneurship, vetted experts to serve your needs and the systemic impact you're creating, and community events that will help you connect to the people that will accelerate your journey.

We're accepting only a small number of founding members, who will be able to shape the platform to their unique needs.

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per month gets you access to:

Member-only events
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