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Embed Yourself in a Community of Social Impact Leaders


Exchange tricks of the trade and referrals with other impact-driven experts, stay up to date with the latest knowledge through our events and content, and build an audience within the Impact Alliance.


What does it mean to be an Impact Alliance expert?


Desire to help

You care about contributing to impact in the world


Subject matter expertise

You have experience in one of the categories we’re structured around


Time commitment

You can spend at least 2 hours per month to joining group calls and sharing insights async

What are the categories?

These are the 10 verticals that early-stage social entrepreneurs struggle with the most. Events, content and people are tagged with the following categories:


Health & Productivity
Operate as your best self
Social Impact Strategy
Create the highest-leverage impact for the most people
Product Building
Make sure you’re building the right thing
Business Modeling
Develop a sustainable revenue model to drive impact
Get access to the capital you need to become “default alive”
Brand, Marketing & Sales
Grow your brand reach and customer base
Hiring & Team Building
Build a passionate, impact-driven team

If you have expertise in a topic that doesn’t fit any of these—definitely apply. 😊 

How does it work?


1. Join a peer group with other subject matter experts

Exchange tips, hold each other accountable to your business goals, and create exciting cross-collaborations.


2. Gain access to all events & networking

You also get full access to our events, from our weekly focus meditations and prioritization sessions to our expert panels on fundraising, product design, and more!

Meet-and-greets for new members!
Peer accountability groups
Strategic & tactical workshopping
Ask-me-anythings with subject matter experts in other fields
Business-building pitch practice and feedback
Guided group meditations
And custom events requested by members!


3. Participate in Q&A sessions and panels

Lend your credibility and personal insights alongside others in the knowledge sessions we offer to our entire community.



4. Work closely with founders

As an expert, you’ll also have opportunities to mentor members, contribute to our comprehensive curriculum, and do other things that build the ecosystem to help impact entrepreneurs succeed. If there’s someone in the Alliance who needs your services, we’ll make sure to send them to you as soon as we know what they need.

Become an Impact Alliance expert

Ready to experience the full value of the Impact Alliance, simply by offering your knowledge and insights to social entrepreneurs? If so, we’re excited to hear from you.

$20 $8*

per month gets you access to:

A space to host events & high-quality network eager to join them
Warm intros to potential clients
Alliance-wide masterminds, panels, and expert discussions
Peer groups with other trade professionals
Discounts to industry-leading software tools
24/7 support
Mucho más to come 🚀

*until Jan. 31st