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Anyone working on social impact belongs in the Impact Alliance.

We’re hosting events, connecting people in mutually beneficial ways, and aggregating the best resources on the internet for impact-driven work.

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“I'm super excited to be part of this network. I want to partner with most of you already!” - Katie McClure, founder

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Build your network

With impact-driven founders, investors, and subject matter experts


Collaborate more

Support & complimentary ways to work together toward our shared visions


Create impact faster

Avoid common mistakes and borrow from what others have already done

What’s included?


Exclusive events

Designed specifically to help impact-driven creators succeed, our events include:

Meet-and-greets for new members!
Peer accountability groups
Strategic & tactical workshopping
Ask-me-anythings with subject matter experts
Pitch practice and feedback
Guided group meditations
And custom events requested by members!


Diverse members & projects

We are leaders in social impact, including:

Active impact investors
Social entrepreneurs
Verified subject matter experts in 10 categories
Purpose-driven career builders (job seekers, freelancers, volunteers)


Best-in-class resources

Carefully curated strategic and tactical guides, videos, templates, and more used by the most advanced companies in business and social impact:

Written articles & guides
Customizable templates
Walkthrough videos
Workshop recordings
Powerful automations & more

Everything organized into topics (this entire section is currently hidden from the website)

These are the 10 verticals that early-stage social entrepreneurs struggle with the most. Events, content and people are tagged with the following categories:


Health & Productivity
Operate as your best self
Social Impact Strategy
Create the highest-leverage impact for the most people
Product Building
Make sure you’re building the right thing
Business Modeling
Develop a sustainable revenue model to drive impact
Get access to the capital you need to become “default alive”
Brand, Marketing & Sales
Grow your brand reach and customer base
Hiring & Team Building
Build a passionate, impact-driven team

Who’s behind this?


Adam French

Founder of and cofounder / Chief Strategy Officer at Humanity By Design


Jérémy Chevallier

3x social impact founder + consultant to social impact startups

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Best-in-class resources
Discounts on industry leading tools
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*until Jan. 31st

“I'm super excited to be part of this network. I want to partner with most of you already!” - Katie McClure, founder